Ultrascan Financial Intelligence Unit

Ultrascan-FIU specializes in liaison capabilities, focusing on external information collection and stakeholder engagement, enabling the detection and reduction of exposure to financial crime risks. Providing clear strategies for driving regional development and consistent and insightful financial crime-related intelligence.

• 🔎 Focusing on external information collection and stakeholder engagement to detect and reduce exposure to financial crime risk.
• 🚀 Drive regional development through the provision of straightforward strategies.
• 💰 Ultrascan-FIU focuses on the concept of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and dismantling terror financing networks, such as mobile money banking, and the alleged threat of mobile money. They have developed an electronic payment card money laundering detection system.
• 🤝 Maintain relationships with senior staff on client-related matters.
• 👨‍💼 Recruit small, expert regional liaison teams that provide consistent and insightful financial crime-related intelligence.
• 🌍 A fragile institutional environment leads to heightened corruption, which increases crime and, in turn, enables money laundering through illicit cash flows.
• 💸 The amount of money laundered annually is colossal, posing an existential threat to all countries, with hundreds of billions laundered through banks each year.
• 🕵️ Ultrascan-FIU is subject to sensitive information, and it exercises sound judgment in protecting it and adheres to all relevant rules and regulations.
• 🔒 Continually reassess the operational risks and manage risk with solid leadership.
• 💻 Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud (419) scams have escalated into a matter of utmost concern, and their profits are flowing into other crimes, terrorism, and support of Nigerian politicians. 

Ultrascan FIU Mobile Money Laundering Threats

Introduction to the concept of Anti-Money Laundering


- Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and dismantling terror financing networks by exclusion from the mobile banking system
- The Alleged Threat of Mobile Money
- An important factor within money is micro-structuring also known as “smurfing”
- Further challenges for law enforcement
- The threats of mobile money

Innovative Technology


The algorithm example used in this report is also called an exemplary embodiment which is simply put, the preferred example. It is just another terminology for “example” but specifically used when referring to a patent. This Anti Money Laundering, AML, system has been chosen to represent how an AML monitoring system should function.

Ultrascan FIU Ingres Egress
Developing countries and the reforms

Developing countries and the reforms 2019

A fragile institutional environment can lead to heightened corruption:

• This can enable and lead to increasing corruption
• Which in turn can enable money laundering through illicit cash flows
• Which then divert and starve funds of developing economies that are already cash poor and suffer from capital-starvation.

The true cost of money laundering

AML Intelligence Briefing

The amount of money that is laundered annually is of truly colossal proportions. ML poses an existential threat to all countries. It warrants and demands thorough oversight and a transnational prevention strategy. The UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) calculated recently, “hundreds of billions of pounds are laundered through UK banks each year.”

Money Laundering Centre
The Nigerian 419 AFF scams have been escalated to a matter of utmost concern

Nigerian 419 Funds "Movements" and Terror Groups

Update August 2019
Since 2003 evidence links Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud (419) to terrorism.

419 Fraud has shifted from pure criminality into an ideology driven funding mechanism for terrorist organizations and their affiliates in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Synergy between Crime and Ideology
"Victims of 419 crime are unaware that their stolen money is used to fund terrorism. For example, these US victims paid between $7,000 and $57,000 to Boko Haram recruiters and money launderers who live in the UK." The Shadow Where Crime Becomes Ideology - Prelude to civil war in Nigeria 

Romance may not be in your future with a Boko Haram terrorist
"Since 2014, Romance 419 swindles targeting United States citizens (and others) on dating sites have been widely reported. Romance scam victims are both male and female. Match.com is the most documented connection between Romance 419 and Boko Haram, though Match.com warns its users that Nigerian 419ers use their site to troll for, and defraud victims." - Victims of online romance scams are funding deadly Nigerian terror group

Evidence accumulates
Since 2003 there is evidence of terrorist connections and attacks in the slipstream of 419 fraud syndicates. For example, in 2008-2009 evidence directly linked 419 AFF networks to (attempted) terrorist attacks in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. 419 AFF supports both "Movements" and their action arms - terror groups.
Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud (419) scams have escalated into a matter of utmost concern!

The growing profits and expanding networks of Nigerian 419 syndicates are a game changer

Update August 2019
Profits are flowing into other crimes, terrorism, and support of Nigerian politicians in including Presidential candidates

Profits of Nigerian fraud are skyrocketing for the exponentially growing numbers of perpetrators of this endemic crime

419 syndicates invest in recruitment and development of new fraud formats and markets. For example, 419 profits from CEO/BUSINESS EMAIL COMPROMISE (BEC) FRAUD, Romance scams, and Sextortion flow into other crimes, terrorism, and support of Nigerian politicians.

Scam activity has increased
Although there has been a decline in the use of UK company back accounts by 419 scammers, there has been a steep rise in the use of money mules and in victims of Auction, Job, and Romance fraud. For example, The UK National Fraud Authority calculated that 1 in 50 British know someone who has been the victim of a romance scam.

Remember that evidence links Romance 419ers and "the global Movement" of the Nigerian terror group Boko Haram.

Also note that in 2016 we monitored tens of millions in cash and cash card transfers from the US and Canada to Nigerian politicians and money launderers in London. Significant additional amounts were also laundered in Dubai.

Profits are flowing in to other crimes including support of political, even Presidential candidates and Terrorism

Observation of Controls

Keep appropriate records and, as necessary, ensure the timely implementation of internal and external audit points, including issues raised by regulators.

Update March 2020 - Nigeria - For intelligence use only!


SitRep - Update March 2020 
- For intelligence use only! -

The Schism is not just about resources – This 
Situation Report is intended to open up the links between OCG politics and terrorism.

The pursuit of “proxy wars” in sub-Saharan Africa.
The split of Nigeria, justified by its progenitors is a long-term geo-strategic, project facilitated and supported by transnational actors. These consist of ex-presidents, governors, ministers, (former) leaders of industry and organized crime groups.

Nigeria designated Al Qaeda headquarters. In exchange for support, Nigerian and other transnational actors, such as transnational mining and extractive corporations ‘can’ monitor and control the groups.

Al Qaeda rewarded in 2019 the Boko Haram leadership by assigning members, with decades of experience, dating back to the 1990’s.

The Nigerian terrorism and organized crime nexus.
The NEXUS terrorism, Nigerian organized crime, including illicit arms and weapons trafficking, is a severe threat to international peace and security!

The most sophisticated serious threat to Pan-African international peace and security? Without a shadow of a doubt, these are corrupt individuals. Nigeria and specific Nigerians. are subjected to financial US and EU sanctions.

The old adage, “follow the money” and “Qui bono” hold sway here. We cannot name all suspects here. However, striking terror where it hurts, is the wallets and bank accounts of the perpetrators: Proceeds Of Crime law or Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWO’s).


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