Dossier Willem Blijdorp

Billionaire Willem Blijdorp reprimanded by court

Tax-free tycoon Willem Blijdorp has to give a former business partner access to the file that would contain information that he may have been guilty of forgery.

The court in Rotterdam determined this at the end of last week at the request of that former business partner, Martin Nateghi. Blijdorp did not feel like handing over the documents of his own free will.

As we reported earlier, Blijdorp had notified Deutsche Bank in 2016 that the books might have been tampered with within the company Metco (of which Nateghi and he shared the shares). Shortly afterwards, the bank pulled the plug on the credit agreement, after which the company went bankrupt.

During a witness interrogation in 2018, Blijdorp pointed to a file, which he believes contained the clues that give him the idea that something might be wrong. During that occasion, he also stated that he had consulted with the company's accountant, who in turn denied ever having any direct contact with Blijdorp.

The court now rules that it cannot be ruled out that Nateghi has a claim against Blijdorp. It is plausible that Blijdorp's warning email to the bank contributed to the termination of the credit agreement. And: the termination of that agreement 'may have contributed' to the bankruptcy of the company.

The contents of the file can "possibly support Nateghi in a possible claim against Blijdorp on the basis of unlawful acts", we read in the decision. And: 'although the necessary steps can still be taken in that context, in the opinion of the court there is no question of a claim without a chance in advance.'

Nateghi, who also filed a complaint against Blijdorp in the past, previously stated that he had suffered 'enormous damage'.

Blijdorp (the B in the name of the listed B&S Group) must hand over the paperwork within 2 weeks. As a losing party, he must also pay the costs of the proceedings.

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