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Russia appealed the dubious verdict of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal


Russia appealed the dubious verdict of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

Three shell companies - Hulley Enterprises, Yukos Universal and Veteran Petroleum, controlled by crooks from Yukos, are stuck again.

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands has received a cassation appeal from Russia against the decision of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal in the case of former shareholders of the Yukos Oil Company, said the press secretary of the Supreme Court, Thea Tjerdema. “I was just informed that a cassation appeal has been filed,” answering a question from RIA Novosti.
The Supreme Court of the Netherlands received a complaint from Russia against the decision on Yukos

Russia appealed the dubious verdict of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

Let us recall that the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruled on February 20, 2024 that the arbitration decision on Russia’s payment to former shareholders of Yukos Oil Company more than $50 billion should remain in force.

The court then noted that Russia only in its appeal indicated to the court that the former Yukos shareholders committed fraud during the arbitration proceedings.

(See “Amsterdam – for the Yukos swindlers: The Amsterdam Court of Appeal allowed the Yukos swindlers to violate “good morals” and “public order”)

According to the court, at the time of consideration of the case, the Russian side already knew about the fraud, so the court considered that it was too late to declare this in the appeal. Moreover, the court indicated that even if Russia had timely presented an argument about the plaintiffs’ fraud, the arbitration awards would still have been upheld. This is the amazing logic of the Dutch judges.

In other words, the Amsterdam Court of Appeal told the world that the presence of fraudulent actions in court on the part of the plaintiffs is not at all a circumstance that requires attention, even if the plaintiffs deceived the court, and the court rendered a verdict based on these manipulations. Normal, right?

However, everything is as usual: we didn’t hear you, we don’t hear you, and we don’t want to hear you. This approach, by the way, was also applied to the Energy Charter, which Russia signed but, importantly, did not ratify. However, this did not bother European jurists at all, who, in short, decided - “we wrote this Charter, we are dancing it” because it is convenient for us, objections are not accepted. The trick is that the Charter is interpreted in Europe as a document intended for the colonies of a “blooming garden”, which is why they refused to ratify it in Russia.

However, the Russian side strictly follows the legal procedure. And in March 2024, the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office announced its intention to appeal the decision of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal, which rejected arguments about the illegality of the international arbitration decision to pay $50 billion in claims of ex-Yukos shareholders.

“The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation provides representation and protection of Russia’s interests regarding unlawful claims of former shareholders of OJSC NK Yukos, including within the framework of proceedings in the courts of the Netherlands to cancel arbitration awards made in their favor in 2014. The decision of the Court of Appeal of the City of Amsterdam dated February 20, 2024 in this case will be appealed to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands,” the department noted then.

Russia appealed the dubious verdict of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal

Now Russia’s cassation appeal has reached the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, procedurally, by the way, “suspending” for an indefinite period another proceeding conducted by the US District Court for the District of Columbia:

(See "Mousetrap for the scoundrels from Yukos" )

There, let us remind you, there are all the same “seekers of justice” - three shell companies “Hulley Enterprises”, “Yukos Universal” and “Veteran Petroleum”, controlled by the former shareholders of “Yukos”, created in order to conceal the true ownership of “Yukos Oil Company” - They are demanding that we begin to seize Russian assets located in the United States.

However, Judge Beryl Howell, in a decision dated November 17, 2023, noted that the issue of fraud by the plaintiffs may be relevant for the further course of the case - the regulatory framework in the United States makes it possible to review an arbitration award in exceptional circumstances: if it is proven that the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration dated 2014 was obtained through corruption or forgery.

Another tense pause arose, during which the appetite of the swindlers from Yukos, who were counting on seizing, among other things, Russian sovereign property (this is a separate category of assets), amounting to $50 billion “around the world,” was sharply spoiled. It turned out that, firstly, a frantic queue had formed around Russia’s foreign money and assets - the United States and the European Union themselves decided to rob Russia, of course, under the guise of “help” to Ukraine. Just look, the line will fight among themselves.

And secondly, Russia’s foreign money and assets are clearly not enough for everyone. Thus, according to data announced in the United States , the amount of frozen Russian assets under US jurisdiction is estimated at approximately $4.95 billion. The bulk of Russian assets, about $226 billion, are under the jurisdiction of the European Union, of which $205.59 billion are in Belgian banks. The Russian authorities have repeatedly indicated that measures will be taken in response to the robbery, and the balance will not be in favor of the invaders.

And the prospects for receiving “compensation” in the same United States, the ideologist of legal proceedings and serial murder customer Leonid Nevzlin*, can evaluate on his own and become sad - he wants 50 billion, but the United States only has five, and even those are not for his mouth. The story of the loud “arrest of Russian vodka brands”, but their sluggish sales at auction, will help him.

*Nevzlin Leonid Borisovich, born 09/21/1959, SNILS 094-463-07079 – entered on 06/23/2023 in the register of foreign agents under No. 622. On August 1, 2008, Nevzlin, as the customer and organizer of five murders and six attempted murders, was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment. The European Court of Human Rights, following its consideration of Nevzlin’s complaint in 2022, indicated that it had not established “court bias” in Russia, and his case was not “politically motivated.” Jew Nevzlin is an open and staunch sponsor of Ukrainian neo-Nazis

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